So, it’s my birthday!!

I haven’t blogged in a good few days because things have been kind of hectic and I just haven’t had the time. Those of you that read my previous posts, I was supposed to be spending my birthday in Finland. Plans have changed and personal problems have lead to me and my partner having to cancel our trip. It’s a bit of a bummer as we were both so excited, but things happen and we just have to move on.

So I’m not doing anything major today. I know it’s my 21st and I’ve tried to get myself excited for it but I’m just not. There’s something about birthdays that just don’t sit right with me. I love celebrating other people’s, but when it comes to mine I’d rather just spend the day in bed and not see anyone. I hate the attention and nothing makes my stomach drop more than the thought of being sung to in front of large amounts of people. It sounds so petty but I literally hate it, I always have. I go bright red and get so embarrassed and I hate all of the attention.

Although I don’t like birthdays, I’m trying to be positive today. I’m spending the day with Kieran, lounging about and doing nothing then my parents are picking me up later so we can go for a meal. That’s the perfect kind of birthday for me, a small family meal with no fuss. Just good food and lots of laughs!

This is kind of a rushed post to let you all know that I am still here, just very busy at the minute and I’ll try and get back to blogging as soon as I find the time!!

Em x



In just over a weeks time me and my boyfriend will be jetting off to Finland!!! I’m literally so excited, words can’t even to begin to explain it! I’ve always wanted to travel and see new things and so this trip is a big step for me. It’s something completely new and I don’t quite know how my brain is going to cope with it, but i’m hoping that it’ll be such an incredibly positive experience.

I’m incredibly lucky that i’m travelling with my boyfriend as he studied at a Finnish university for a couple of years and therefore he knows what he’s doing in the country. Knowing that i’m with someone that will be in a familiar surrounding is very reassuring for me. It’s settled any pre-holiday nerves that i’m having in regards to the airport, the people and the location. I’m absolutely no good when it comes to languages, so I think this kind of trip would be horrendous for me if I was travelling alone. Small things such as needing help with directions or just needing help in general would be an absolute living nightmare!

Although i’m more excited than nervous now, things might change when we get to the airport. I hate everything about airports, from frantically looking for my passport every 2 seconds to panicking that i’m going to be stopped at security, even though they have no reason to stop me. They stress me beyond belief and they are always the worst part of any adventure. This always kinda sucks because it makes me feel like i’m starting my holiday on a low rather than a high. I’ve come to kind of just accept airports now and i’m coping with things much better now than I ever have so I really think this journey will be ok!

We arrive in Helsinki on the 22nd of January and get straight onto a train to Tampere. Tampere looks beautiful and it’s where Kieran (the bf) studied. It’s roughly a 1.5 hour train journey from Helsinki airport and is the third largest city in Finland. The featured image i’ve used for this blog post just shows how beautiful it is and I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes. Going to a place that was such a big part of Kieran’s life means so much to me and I’m so excited to meet all of his friends that still live there. He has told me so many stories about Finland and his friends that i’m just so excited to finally put faces to names. They sound like genuinely lovely people and i’m hoping that i’m able to be myself rather than going into my shell! Going into my shell and not being very social is something i’m very panicky about and it’s the one thing i’m really hoping won’t happen. I hope i’m able to overcome all of that and get on with everyone!

It’s also my 21st birthday on the 24th of January, so it’ll be super cool to spend it away! I’m such a family girl and it’ll be the first birthday i’ve had where i’ve not been in the same country as my family, which is so weird! However, I don’t think I can imagine a better way to spend my birthday, especially my 21st!! It’s definitely going to be a birthday/trip that I will always remember. I will definitely be writing a blog post all about it when I return!

Em x