Back home for the week

I didn’t have much time to blog today and therefore this one will be a little brief! So I’m currently back at my mum and dads while they are sunning it up in Lanzarote! It feels super weird being back in my old home, especially being back in my old room. I’m only here for a week but it’s still bringing back so many memories!

I’m here because our 3 fur babies need looking after! Yes, 3! We have 3 beautiful dogs and this week has made me realise how much I miss them.

Our eldest is Benji and he is the most loving and affectionate dog I’ve ever known. He’s a Golden Retriever, a breed well known for their loving nature and he’s just amazing. Benji has been such a big part of our lives for 12 years now and he’s definitely made those 12 years more bearable. People must be thinking “it’s just a pet”, but he’s not, he’s a part of the family and holds such a special place in our hearts. I dread the day we lose him, I don’t know how I’ll cope but that’s something we have to deal with when it happens. He’s at his happiest during walks, just look at him!!

We then have Scooby, our other retriever. Scoobs is actually my dog, however due to his health and my financial status I wasn’t able to take him with me when I moved out. He started having seizures when he was 3 years old and it was the scariest thing for me. No one knew what was going on and it really got me down. He was finally diagnosed with epilepsy and is on lifetime medication. Unfortunately, the medication he is on can impact his organs and therefore he’s more at risk of organ failure. But he’s now 6 and hasn’t had a seizure in 2 years!! Not being able to take him when I moved out was devastating as I felt like I was leaving my child behind, but I know how happy he is with mum and dad so I just have to focus on that. They’re also far more capable of managing his medication than I am so I’m extremely thankful for that. He has the squishiest face and it always makes me laugh how big his head is. He’s a very happy chap and always greets me with a teddy when I come to visit, which I love!

We then have Luna, our only female dog and doesn’t she just know it. She’s definitely the queen of the house and she’s such an entertaining little character. I say little, she’s a white German Shepard and is taller than both the boys! She’s my sisters dog and seems to only listen to her, which is both hilarious and annoying. She’s very timid around other people and dogs, which I hate because she’s amazing with us. We’ve tried encouraging her to socialise with other dogs but she just won’t have any of it. She’s happy with just having us and her brothers, which is fair enough!!

Anyway, I’ve gone into crazy dog lady mode and started rambling so I’m going to stop before I flood you with the millions of dog pictures that I have on my phone.

Em x